Among other things, people have been told that arbitration is cheaper and faster.   People never come into arbitration without having signed an agreement to settle a dispute privately, opting out of the trial courts with their rules of law and rules of procedure and juries and decisions being overseen by appellate courts.

When your clients enter an arbitration process, their intention is to have their dispute resolved outside the formalities and rules of the court system. Although more relaxed than the court system, arbitration still has plenty of procedural rules. The first rule is that the arbitration requires an administrator for the arbitration process and the selection of one or more arbitrators.

You have choices related to each of these components. The easiest and least expensive route for you and your clients is to have Loretta Higgins be the sole arbitrator and her office to independently administer the arbitration process. The most cumbersome and expensive route is to involve three arbitrators and an institutional administrator.  Your choices can and will have consequences on costs and the time necessary to resolve your client's dispute.

arbitration and how it Works . .  

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mediation and how it Works . .  

“In business, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.” — Chester L. Karrass

stop fighting

Short of taking your case to court, for you to get what you want, you and the others have to find a way to produce ONE STORY that satisfies everyone. Since no one's going to accept the others' scripts or endings outright, this means you're going to have a fight.

To have a fair fight, people need two things: a safe place and a referee who's not afraid of fighters. My transformative mediation methods and relaxed, private office setting provides both.

When we mediate, we manage the powerful conflicting energies that parties need to release into a safe setting where fighting doesn't break people apart.

What needs to happen?

For you to have any chance of getting out of your dispute quickly, two things need to happen. You need to have trust in me as your mediator to direct you while you concentrate not just on what you want but on what you and the other parties need.

It's straightforward. You provide the appropriate documents and details and I work hard with your lawyer to prepare before getting together. We will work together to find a win-win solution that is right for everyone.